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  3. post-octagon meal: assorted dumplings


  4. 강남의 이야기

    I have a love hate relationship with Seoul right now. I love it for its 24 hour culture, its awesome nightlife, its public transport and intense dedication to speedy service.

    But I hate it the way people talk about dieting and beauty from the male’s perspective, the poor treatment towards foreigners in general (staying there for long makes you realize that), the increasing amount of plastic fantastic on the streets with each subsequent visit and the concept of instant noodle love.

    People envy the fact that I get to live in Seoul for a good six months. For every Kpop fan out there, it’s a fantastic dream but to every Kpop fan out there Seoul is a city of temptations and those very temptations will break you. 

    But then when it comes to nightlife, Seoul reigns queen. People dance and not just stand by their tables looking awkward (I’ve seen this in the best club in KL). Nobody makes a big deal of drinking 22 bottles of champagne because it’s juvenile and stupid. Not knowing the DJ’s name will make you look silly. People don’t party till 2am and call it quits. 2am is the beginning to our end.

    Yes, you’ll end up smelling like smoke. You’ll reek of soju. But you’ll have the best time of your life — ever.


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